In addition to creating bespoke learning programs, Lorena is accredited to run various recognised programs as Facilitator. These include;

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5 Dysfunctions of a Team

Using the ‘5 Dysfunctions of a Team’ model (Patrick Lencioni, 2002), these workshops are designed to create more cohesive and productive teams. Workshops can be run over half a day, one or 2 days, with the objective of creating shared accountability for a high performing team.

Team Management Systems

Using the ‘Team Management Profile’ (Margerison and McCann, 2004), these

workshops explore work preferences to illustrate what makes teams successful.

Run as a half day or full day workshop, the objective is to understand our own preferences in working, and how this impacts on our working styles, so that we might adapt these in the teams we operate within.


DiSC is a behavioural profiling tool, that helps people connect better with those around them. Using the ‘Everything DiSC Workplace profile’ (Inscape Publishing, 2007), workshops can be designed for 90 minutes, through to a full day, with the objective of understanding our own style and how we relate to the styles of others. 

Situational Leadership

Situational Leadership (Ken Blanchard, 2000) is a program that guides leaders on the levels of support and direction they should provide to help individuals reach the highest level of performance. Situational Leadership is run as a one day or two day program, and is suitable for anyone who is responsible for managing the performance of another.

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Creating & Sustaining Great Organisations