Creating & Sustaining Great Organisations

We help clients achieve greater commercial success through their people and engagement initiatives.


We conduct a review of your people initiatives to help you identify:


  • Any potential blockers that may exist in creating even greater employee engagement

  • Any untapped opportunities to maximise your existing strengths


We help clients prioritise an approach to engagement, including;


  • Creating an engagement strategy

  • Ideation of engagement initiatives

  • Communication initiatives


We help clients identify the impact of their leaders, and provide solutions to increase their effectiveness.


We believe that what your leaders do and say has the most impact on employee engagement, and therefore cultural alignment.


We work with our clients to identify what their successful leaders look like and align their capability, reward or talent management initiatives to match. This might include the creation of leadership development programs, discrete initiatives to develop capability, or frameworks to guide and measure success.



We help clients understand how their culture is enabling their business strategy, and remove any obstacles in their way.


We conduct an analysis of your existing culture to determine:


  • What helps you to produce the results you need?

  • What might be blocking your progress now, or in the future?

  • Whether there are any cultural blind spots that may exist


Many organisations have compelling business strategies that provide clear direction and a common goal. But how many of these businesses invest the same amount of energy and focus in ensuring their culture sends the right signals for success?


Your culture sends messages about what your organisation truly values. If those messages are out of alignment with your business strategy, your culture will eat your strategy for breakfast1.


Sometimes it’s the simple and practical tweaks to create alignment that have the most impact. 


1 “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”, Peter Drucker

Cultural Alignment

Employee Engagement

Leadership Development

Change management

Creation of your change management plan, to support the successful adoption

of change on any scale

(small or large).

Related Services Include:

People strategy design

The creation of your People Strategy to deliver on your Business Strategy (including consideration of every element from talent attraction to exit).

HR tool creation

Examples include creation of 360 degree surveys, induction and onboarding programs, mentoring programs, communication initiatives,

workplace surveys.