Creating & Sustaining Great Organisations




Good to great

Sustaining great

To design the organisation they want.


  • How do we create a compelling working environment to attract  the right talent?


  • How do we ensure the right behaviours are rewarded?


  • How do we keep the magic of the start up culture as we continue to grow? 

To use change for good.


  • How do we mitigate the risks associated with changes to leadership, or ownership?


  • How do we create unified leadership teams in the face of change?


  • How do we embed large-scale culture change?

To fulfill potential.


  • How do we increase engagement and discretionary effort?


  • How do we build current and future leadership capability?


  • How do we introduce incremental change without losing the best of our culture?

To affirm and embed culture.


  • How do we continue to challenge and evolve?


  • How do we introduce new leaders as custodians of our culture?


  • How do we build for the future without losing our cultural DNA?